The Journey Starts…

January 2022 –

Amongst the uptrend and boom of the crypto and NFT markets a new project was beginning. The Hustlers of Wall St, as it was known then, was hyped to be the next big thing in the space. An exclusive, exciting, entrepreneurial based club. Something that every real life hustler would want to be a part of.

Unfortunately this journey was not to go as first planned… the team that had done so well at having a vision of what this could become and generating the dream buildup it was under prepared and under skilled to see it through to it’s intended destination. Things fell apart and the community of early investors were left “holding the bags” as it were. The “bags” were also left empty with none of the initial funding remaining.


The Revolution Begins…

March 2022 –

At this point, the project, the social media accounts, all involved platforms, contracts etc were acquired by Hector. He then began to build a new team of people, people with the same determination, drive and passion for it as he had. All of them were sourced from within the existing community of investors. And so the rebuild and evolution began…

This is where my journey as a part of the team begins. My name is Tyrone Passée. You can find my bio in the “Teams” section of the website. At that time I was very new to the Web 3 world, inexperienced and had little idea what would be required of me BUT I shared Hectors love for this community and his desire to make something successful out of this position we found ourselves in.

Now the hard work, the brainstorming, the endless possibilities of direction and the real hustling started. We all embraced this and made some very quick and very successful partnership deals to secure some useful, valuable and utilisable assets for the holders to make use of.

The original white paper and roadmap for the project was based around entrepreneurship, stock markets, investing and education so we stayed with this emphasis, after all that was what brought the community of investors here in the first place, but we also started various other branches of enquiry, research and development.


The Evolution Continues…

December 2022 –

So here we are today. A million miles from where this journey began. Countless other things have been instated and developed since then but I’ll save that for another post. This story has only just begun though…

When will your Hustler’s journey begin?”


Author – Tyrone Passée

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